Project Aquarius Corroboration

In May of 2014 the office of Dr. Steven Greer (The Disclosure Project), received several photos of what are to believed to be “Top Secret Documents” related to “Project Aquarius”, a covert project, under MJ-12, regarding aspects of the UFO/ET phenomenon.

Although the documents appear to be genuine and conform to known document characteristics of the period, they have never been corroborated and thus their authenticity remains very controversial.

The individual who submitted the documents to Dr. Greer, has been described as being credible, reliable and having several legitimate contacts in covert aerospace and military projects related to UFOs. Even though this may be true, no first-hand corroborating evidence has been submitted to assist in proving that they are genuine.

If anyone has any information which may corroborate these documents, please contact us at AUFORG or Dr. Greer at Sirius Disclosure.

The Project Aquarius Documents are available for viewing at;


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