Men in Black (MIB)

Who and/or what are the Men in Black? They are possibly human or extraterrestrial beings dressed neatly all in black who appear to contact witnesses of a UFO event to strongly discourage them to convey their experience to anyone. They usually arrive in a black car, and appear to have a pasty, white complexion and no hair.

The earliest account of an encounter with the Men in Black occurred in June of 1947. Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl and crew were on the water near Maury Island in Puget Sound when they spotted six doughnut-shaped objects hovering over their boat. One of the craft began dumping a white lava-like metallic material and hit one man and broke his arm. The material also hit a dog and killed it. This became the famous Maury Island Incident.

It was after the encounter with the UFO that Harold Dahl was confronted by a man in a black suit and was warned to never speak of what he had witnessed that day.

In subsequent years, and to this day, the Men in Black continue to threaten witnesses of UFO events with dire consequences, should they reveal any information about their experiences.

The following is a brief video featuring Dan Aykroyd, in which he recounts what he believes was an encounter with the Men in Black.

Watch the full film – Dan Aykroyd on UFOs Unplugged at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoKvkcWXjAU

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