The following is a summary of support programs available at FREE. I encourage anyone who has had an encounter with, but not limited to, any form of non-human intelligent being or any sort of paranormal experience, to explore the FREE website and complete the survey offered there.

FREE Experiencer Support Programs

FREE is not only focused on cutting edge academic research, we are actively involved in providing a series of support programs for Experiencers of UFO related contact which for many can be very traumatic.  FREE has the following Support Programs:


UFO related contact with non human intelligent beings opens us up to our multi-reality and in doing so it can create a ‘reality crisis’ and in some cases cause trauma and anxiety.  Some Experiencers perceived the contact as negative, others as neutral, others as positive and others a broad mixture of experiences.  These extraterrestrial beings tap into our reality space and demonstrate multi-reality as they work with us, within it, travelling through space, time and sometimes solid matter. They continually stretch our reality paradigms and force us to take a ‘quantum leap’ into the unknown of our own psyche.  Human nature wants to understand, despite the conflict of a longing to ‘file’ the bizarre in a deep hole somewhere within and forget the whole thing! But often these bizarre events are evidence that something incredible and strange is occurring. The awakening of healing abilities, telepathy and clairvoyance can all suddenly manifest after Contact experience. This is information and knowledge that the person has not consciously learned.

Many are able to effortlessly produce symbols, drawings and scripts, without any conscious thought, whereby it is almost ‘automatic’. There are individuals who change from destructive life-time habits, such as drug abuse, to becoming ecologically minded, non-materialistic and more spiritually orientated. But getting there is quite a journey and most of us appreciate a helping hand as we explore our human experiences. So if this experience is real (and from whatever point in ‘quantum reality’ it stems), then we have to honor it. And the trauma resulting from such Contact experiences is another validation of its reality.

Frankly, it is honest to say that until we do acknowledge it, we may never know how many lives it has affected, from dysfunctional relationships to phobias, anxiety attacks and sexual abuse.  Notwithstanding, there are other causes for dysfunction and I am not suggesting that therapists or society should rule them out, but in addition they should accept that the Contact phenomena can also be either a contributing factor or a root cause in some cases.

To provide a helping hand where necessary, means helping to access information conscious or otherwise by using a deeper and more holistic model of therapy. We need to provide resources that honor the ‘inner awareness’ of the individual and give them the tools they can use that will enable them to empower themselves. By doing so, we are also creating useful markers for those in the process of integration, which will help validate their expanded reality.

FREE can offer emotional support by providing what we are calling a “Peer Support Program”–  an individual who has had experiences themselves and is considered mentally and emotionally stable by his/her peers within FREE.  This person ideally has integrated their understanding of said experiences into their lives and continues to function.  The Experiencer Buddy should be an individual who can offer a neutral and supportive “listening ear” while being careful not to deliver harsh judgment or other explanations of the intimate experiences which were related to them.  From September of 2014 to December of 2015, our Peer Support Program has assisted over 350 Experiencers.

If you are interested in volunteering in our “Peer Support Program” or if you want one of our volunteers from FREE to contact you, please send us an email to:  EXPERIENCE.CO@GMAIL.COM


Others who will be reaching out to FREE for assistance may be looking for additional assistance.  We are now developing a THERAPIST SUPPORT LIST.  This list will be categorized by Country/State/City and will be published in our website,  FREE will be posting a list of the following professional but will not make any referrals or suggest any specific individuals.   FREE is searching for additional Licensed Therapists, Regression Therapists, and Support Groups to add to our current list.  If you want to be on our Therapist Support List, please send us an email to: EXPERIENCER.CO@GMAIL.COM

Licensed Therapists familiar with and experienced in treating the ET Contact Experiencers and extended family.  (Please send us a copy of your State License Certificate)

  1. Regression Therapists who have experience in regressing and offering psychological support to Experiencers. (Please provide the specific regression therapist training or certifications you have received)
  1. Spiritual Support Therapist who can provide a diversity of spiritual support, energy healing, in a non-religious format, for Experiencers of ET Contact. (Please specify the specific type of spiritual support training you have received)
  1. Local Support Groups facilitated by either professional facilitators or other Experiencers of UFO related contact.


FREE, and other Experiencer organizations around the world, are collaborating on a social movement for Experiencers to “Come Out of the Closet–  A Liberation Movement for Experiencers”.  We have established a social media platform for this specific event.

The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters and numerous other Experiencer Support Groups fully understand that there are likely millions of individuals worldwide who have had, and continue to have contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings.  The majority of these individuals fear discussing their experiences due to the ostracism and rejection they receive from the people in their social circles, including family, friends, and associates.  They become private, reclusive, frequently depressed, and in many cases, suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress due to the nature of some of their encounters.  A few will talk about it, but their revelations are highly self-censored and do not include most times the most important information, namely, that which hurts them physically, emotionally, and again, socially.

Many members of both FREE and these other Experiencer Support Groups have spoken out, publicly announcing that they are indeed experiencers and have had contact with intelligent, non-human beings.  As an example, FREE has five medical professionals, all physicians on staff, but only one has “Come out of the closet,” as it were.  The others will not.  They are still licensed, and are in fear of losing their practices or their positions.

This scenario is not limited to medical professionals.  People in all fields from lawyers, to professors, to psychologists, teachers and police officers – individuals in all careers, both white-collar and blue-collar dread the ridicule and persecution they will suffer if they publicly expose their experiences to others.

Some individuals have even lost custody of their children upon divorce because they are deemed to be mentally unstable by a court-appointed psychiatrist or a biased judge who see them as “unfit parents,” and losing even the right to visit their children because it is known that they have had these types of contact experiences.

All of this prejudice must stop!  Humanity must come to terms with the fact that these experiencers exist, and that there is indeed other life in the universe, or dare it be said, the multiverse!

We experiencers refuse to hide in the dark corners and closets anymore.  We will stand united against the public ridicule, shame and ostracism.  To change this perception, FREE and other Experiencer Support Organizations have established a day where all experiencers will stand bravely in the light of day, united for the cause.

4)  FACEBOOK EXPERIENCER SUPPORT FORUM:  FREE has established a Facebook page where Experiencers can freely communicate with each other to share their experiences in an environment where their experiences will not be judged and where they can learn and share from each other.

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