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Victor Viggiani (News Director ZlandCommunications)
Victor Viggiani, a Canadian UFO/ET Disclosure advocate, released several secret NORAD files while attending this year’s Alien Cosmic Expo in Brantford, Ontario. The documents reveal that some 1,800 ‘tracks of interest’ (TOI), with 75 intercepts by CF-18’s in Canadian airspace, were recorded over a five-year period. These TOI’s are considered ‘unclassified //for official use only’ and must be handled according to DOD policies and are not to be released to the general public without prior authorization from NORAD. However, the NORAD commander has authorized the release of these TOI documents. Although a document received from NORAD stated, “Any distribution of this kind of information, threatens National Security in addition to the Espionage Act of the United States”, Victor chose to release the information anyway and dared the US Government to charge him.

The document can be viewed here:

Victor also states that he has documents regarding UFO’s which have been found by the RCMP as well. One of the documents references the Wollaston Lake area of Saskatchewan, where a metal fragment was found and was considered to have ‘had likely formed part of a vehicle that traveled in outer space’. The fragment was taken to the National Research Council in Ottawa.

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This was just a part of the disclosure hearing hosted at the annual Alien Cosmic Expo, in Brantford Ontario, on June 26th, 2016. A list of the speakers and their bios can be found here:

AUFORG believes that the Alien Cosmic Expo is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the UFO/ET presence and attempt to educate the population regarding information being withheld by the governments of the world.

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