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AUFORG is a research group focused on the study and investigation of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters in the province of Alberta.The group was formed in 2015 after thirty-five plus years of independent study of the UFO (UAP) and extraterrestrial phenomenon by its members. We are comprised of people from varying backgrounds with a common goal of objective and scientific investigation and research. Our executive director is a former member of MUFON and has implemented investigative practices similar to those outlined in the MUFON field investigator training manual. Some members of the group have had first-hand experiences involving UFO’s as well as the paranormal. It is our hopes to provide a comfortable platform for people to present their sightings to our group for investigation. The Alberta UFO Research Group is determined to assist in the disclosure of the ET presence and related technologies which are being withheld from humanity by the governments of our world.

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  1. I would like to join a group such as yours but i live in Lethbridge and as far as i know we have no such groups here.

    1. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with any UFO groups in the Lethbridge area. You may want to do a bit of research on your own and of course you are always welcome to discuss it with me at info@auforg.ca, anytime.

    2. Huge cluster of ships star level way up there all moving around been there for hours lots of activity kinda east of Leduc

  2. On Nov 3 , 2017 between noon and 1pm observed a fighter jet in the west end. Several minutes later noticed a oddly shaped object in the sky, in the exact area, slowly heading east/hovering in place and then moved north east. Did you receive any similar reports?

    1. you seem to be doing a great job , there. Please allow me join your group. I’m so much into this subject. I’m from India but soon will be in Canada. I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to find this web site. I want to research and be a part of some group that share similar thoughts. People in India are too stupid to believe in Extraterrestrial beings or objects.

  3. To whom this may address:

    Since 2008 i have been in communication with UFO’s

    I have a special way and method to make these objects appear in the night sky i have been doing this since 2008

    and due to the extreme ridicule on the subject i have kept this to myself all these years.

    Recently i have made up my mind to put together a group of people interested in the subject and i will be teaching them how

    to make contact themselves. Of course after and when they are ready i will take them out and show them how to use this knowledge and techniques

    to invite ET craft and bless us with their presence. As for what kind of encounter(1st through 5th) we will have no clue until we go out there.

    The goal is have a group of people there all with cameras and all with videos to document this event.
    If this is something you are interested in please get a hold of me.

  4. I have been researching the subject of ufo /uaps now for 3-4 years and am very interested in joining your group.

    1. That’s great that you are researching the subject, but we do not have any positions available at this time. Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss or aid you in your research.

      Thank you

  5. Is this group open to the public with common interests in the field of ufology? Do u have meetings in Calgary? Do you invite top researchers in the field to present at your meetings? Thank you.

    1. Hi Donna and thank you for your comments. The group is not currently open to the general public, but it is something we are considering going forward with respect to meetings. Although we are in contact with certain top UFO researchers, we do not formally hold any open meetings at this time. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any ET/UFO related material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you

  6. Im 100% belive in ufo fenome. 1980 i sow something in cuba sky. Still hunting me.
    What i belive was at plane on fire. Going down to the ground took off up to the sky at tremendous speed. Fire truck waiting for the impact. That bright object when up and disappears

  7. Hello
    I have seen many items we would clarify as UFOs, in the Bahamas, Canada, USA but the best was in Kelowna BC around July 27 2003 where my friend and I had one directly above us during the night; it lit us and our immediate area up. We were paralysed unable to move within this bright lght for an unknown period of time. We never reported it due to the nature of our job. I often thought of hypnosis but never pursued it.

  8. Hi my wife says I need a hobby, I think ufo’s are interesting to ponder and think about, after watching academy to the stars video. I am interested in what’s real and fake, I am curious to know what the pilot say with his own eyes and what he saw to his recording. If is real does it have to be alien or could it be man made. Time travel? I think it’s exciting to think about and wonder.

  9. I have all kind of video, and pictures. I have been looking for like minded people for a long time. I am, you might say very into this kind of research.
    I have two videos of actual fly overs, that happen here not to long ago. The first morning, as i recorded the event, (Sunday March 11, 2018) In the video, I can hear the craft cutting the atmosphere. playing it back on my computer, with external speakers, I can here the propulsion system operating. Here in the last few days, ever so often I can here this hum, coming from, I do not know from where. It comes and goes. I am much deeper into this subject then most or if not all people could ever, think is possible. I would like it if some one from your group would get in touch with me, at this email address. I have some videos on Vimeo. once they seen the videos, they stopped me from posting any more.

  10. I see that there is a section for ufo sightings but what about abductions? I have been abducted several times over the years, have had a hald breed alien/human child visit me when I was a youth and pictures of triangular marks and a photo of something that I pulled out of my sinus cavity that resembles a pollyp with something inside of it thst sparked when I broke open the capsule like thing. Is there anywhere to report this sort of thing?

  11. Hi,
    My name is Imtiyaz Ali. I worked for Indian judiciary for 15 years as a Sr Court Clerk. I also worked as a legal admin intern at the international Criminal Court. My degrees are in Criminal justice and other in Biotech.
    I work part time as a security guard and was posted at the newly constructed king square mall at 9390 Woodbine Ave, Markham, Ontario on last Thursday night 31 August at 0000 hours. I was doing my first external patrol and waiting for my friend to come for having a cigarette together. It was around 0020 hours that I was walking on the footpath at outside parking lot just adjacent to another road off Woodbine Ave. As I always like gazing stars at nights I was enjoying the beauty of heaven on the sky. I was walking from west to east towards the mall and moon was in little right front of me. The sky were clear over my head and could see beautiful stars. While heading to east on the foot path I saw a star moving very fast coming from my back side I. E from west over my head. I first though it is some extra terristial rock which I have seen several times on the sky and then go out of sight. I thought this time I am seeing the same but with Ferrari speed. I keep it watching for around 5 second till it reached an angle of 30 to 40 degree angle from my overhead 90 degree angle. I was thinking why is this time with high speed and not vanishing or getting fuzzy, that in the mean time it made extreme high speed same like I felt it was a cursor on the dark computer screen. It cam down then made large right and left turns same we do with cursor on screen. And then vanished. I got stunned and though to call 911. But I controled my self and thought they will not Beleive or will crazy same my close ones did not Beleived me when I saw 2 street light coloured bodies on high skies in Netherlands in September 2009. This time it was like star. But whatever it was, it was extremely fast and dancing on sky without any limits.
    Imtiyaz Ali

  12. I can confirm the sighting in Edmonton, either 1965-67, i was 3 or 4, my brother was 4-5, we lived in the steal heights district, summer, we followed it down the street, many other followed this shy object, that appeared then disappeared. This sighting was seen by many on that street you should look for people who can confirm the Edmonton sighting, you will find it to be more than credible. The object was a saucer like object, the object was travelling west or down the street we lived on. If you find others that saw it, through trianglation, like any one who lived east of 97 street and north of 137th ave and south of 142th ave., this one prove to be very credible as on my street alone there were at least 20 people who were drown to its movement, I am sure there were more on other streets, the credibility will be the consistency of independent accounts.

  13. hello i am intrested in a group such as your but im in saskachewan , if there are orgaized confrence i would come there . please let me know of any groups in saskachewan thk u

  14. Hello, I am also in the Lethbridge area, My experiences include missing time, paralysis, sightings and I’m positive abductions. I need to be hypnotized so I can recall details. Is there anyone who can help me with that? I’m desperate. Maybe we can start our own local meetings to start with at someones home. Plz help

  15. Three multi coloured circles in a v shape above Cadomin , second time I’ve seen the same thing first was in barriere bc in September of 1992. The latest was March 8 at 3:45am west of cadomin

  16. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone else in the Alberta area with AB- blood who is also RH- who have Alien experiences??

  17. Hello. I’m interested in speaking with someone in your group. Please let me know how I can do that.
    Thank you

  18. Hello I’m kind of a skeptic when it comes to ufos but this past year has really opened my eyes to the idea. My children and I have seen one too many flying objects that I cannot explain. It’s difficult and frightening when I cannot tell my children what is outside their bedroom windows at night. We have lived in the area my whole life and in our current home for the past 17 years. We live very close to the wainwright military base and we have seen many many different kinds of military aircraft as they fly directly over our home from the cold lake base to Suffield base. I have also loved watching the stars my entire life and recently I’ve been closing my bedroom blinds at night because of the strange activity in the skies I can’t explain that has only become quite progressive and active this past year. I know that people report seeing such activity as I’ve found many stories while researching these mysterious events but none that are on a daily basis. I had passed it off as military for a year or two but what it is I’m seeing every night cannot be of human doing. It’s scaring me and my family to the point that we don’t want to be outside past dark as this is when we can see them the best. There are more than a few up there at the same time and they can move extremely fast slow to a stop and turn on a dime, or just simply disappear. I’m wondering if there isn’t something going on that has made them intensify most recently and why they were never really there before? This is making me very uncomfortable the more activity that’s occurring and my children need a better explanation as to what they are witnessing at night. Can anyone tell me what other possibilities it could be we are seeing? It’s only lights, mostly blue or white sometimes red or orange sometimes in patterns, not very often are they close enough to hear most times silent although my husband and I have both heard what sounded like helicopter noises yet not long lasting as they move so fast. Can someone give me some insight into this bizzar night sky activity. Also we cannot catch them in our telescope as said they move too quickly and don’t stop for long enough.

  19. Being a UFO skeptical person, I am challenged to prepare a proposal for an exhibition exposing this phenomenon,so I am looking to have a conversation with an expert in ufology, researcher, and/or witness of this particular occurrence to learn more about UFOs and understand better this topic. Thank you.

  20. Dear Sir,
    I have a reply to your message. I have long been fascinated by the extraordinary performance of UFOs. We started from the idea that they use physical phenomena (which we do not know yet). The presence of UFO invites us to a junction with more advanced civilizations.
    We looked for physical phenomena to bring us closer to these achievements. I found the beginning! Starting from relatively simple experiments, I did the physical model, the attached mathematical equations, solving the equations. We experimentally made a model that validates the result of the equations. We have thus established the basis for approaching other civilizations. The conclusion is that we earthlings can make UFO-like space travel systems. Examples: from Earth to the Moon for 3 hours, Earth to Mars for 36 hours, NY to Paris for 20 minutes.
    Apart from these we can explain: inertia, Big Bang and others.
    More details are in my book: Try !: Look at Type 2 of Civilization! as We Continue; We’re Destroying Life! Are You Able, to Decide the Fair Destiny for Your Kids’ Children?

    If you want we can make an advance on the experimental path together. To make flying vehicles, UFO-like travel.
    Constantin Dutchevici

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