UFOs Alberta


Alberta UFO Research Group

AUFORG is a research group focused on the study and investigation of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters in the province of Alberta.The group was formed in 2015 after thirty-five plus years of independent study of the UFO (UAP) and extraterrestrial phenomenon by its members. We are comprised of people from varying backgrounds with a common goal of objective and scientific investigation and research. Our executive director is a former member of MUFON and has implemented investigative practices similar to those outlined in the MUFON field investigator training manual. Some members of the group have had first-hand experiences involving UFO’s as well as the paranormal. It is our hopes to provide a comfortable platform for people to present their sightings to our group for investigation. The Alberta UFO Research Group is determined to assist in the disclosure of the ET presence and related technologies which are being withheld from humanity by the governments of our world.