UFO Events from 1967

UFO Events from 1967

1967 was considered to be the year of the great Canadian UFO wave and two of the most famous cases were those of “Falcon Lake” and “Shag Harbor”.  I have featured two historic Alberta UFO cases from 1967, the Calgary area sighting and the Mayfield, Edmonton sighting. It was during that same year, I believe, that I had my own encounter with a UFO at close range. It could have occurred between 1964 – 1970, but it seems to me that it was probably 1967. My brother and myself were both involved in the encounter and our recollection of the event details are the same. My mother was a witness from our front porch, which was approximately 210 feet from the hovering craft. The sighting details are as follow:

Location: Edmonton, Alberta (Mayfield Community)

Street: 110 Ave & 160th St NW, Edmonton

Date: Sometime between 1964 & 1970

Season: There was no snow on the ground (I believe it was summer)

Time: During daylight

Description: I don’t remember exactly what we were doing, but my brother and myself were both on the side walk across the street, near the corner of 110 Ave and 160th St NW, when our mother started screaming at us to get into the house! Both of us remember trying to run toward her, but it was like running in slow motion and in a sort of fog. All that our mother can recall (after never wanting to talk about it until more recently) was that the craft was shining a light down on us. To this day, neither of us can remember anything else about the encounter. One thing that we do remember for certain is that there was a movie taken (either 8 mm or super 8 mm) by the lady who lived at the end of the street at the time.

If anyone has any information regarding this event, please contact us. It would be greatly appreciated!