Neetika Mahawar

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You seem to be doing a great job , there. Please allow me join your group. I’m so much into this subject. I’m from India but soon will be in Canada. I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to find this web site. I want to research and be a part of some group that share similar thoughts. People in India are too stupid to believe in Extraterrestrial beings or objects.

Rust Inspector

On 17 April 2019 at 11:19 PM I was smoking a cigarette on my backyard deck in south Edmonton and saw a UFO suddenly appear as a bright light with a large scimitar-looking shaped wing (about the size of 3 passenger jets) moving east to west and descending towards the Edmonton Airport southwest from my position. The object was about 2 miles away but very large. It made no sound when it suddenly appeared and moved very fast across my field of vision from east to west. It appeared to bank into a vertical position (like a knife edge) and then just as suddenly as it appeared then it disappeared. There was only a smoky residue to evidence that anything was there at all. It reminded me of a Klingon Bird of Prey but it shone with a very bright white light that only showed the wing portion of the craft. 2 days later I remembered that I had my CCTV night cameras on at the time and checked the footage. It showed the white light appearing and disappearing but being an infra-red device with limited focal range that’s all the detail that could be seen. However, it showed the speed and direction of the UFO and also the fact that it simply disappeared while in flight.


I have video and photos of UFO’s that I’ve seen in Alberta. On May 4 2016 south of Grand Prairie in broad daylight between 4:20 PM and 4:40 PM in the afternoon a large spherically shaped cloud was stationary in the sky above us while we were working on a pipeline construction site. I took photos of the spherical shape because all the other clouds in the sky were moving except this one. It changed shape into a smoky formless shape and then formed into a triangular shaped cloud while maintaining its position. I took photos of each shape change and then a video of the sky around us 360º and it showed that the triangular shaped cloud remained positioned right where it had been… never moved from that spot. My crew and I were sent from that site location and were unable to see if it remained. However, I checked with other workers and contractors in the area and they confirmed that they saw it. No one thought to take a photo or video of the strange cloud.

Gwen Weisenburger

I’m just wondering if there’s anyone else in the Alberta area with AB- blood who is also RH- who have Alien experiences??