UFO/UAP CLASSIFICATION CRITERIA: Please refer to the tables below when submitting your sighting/encounter on the Reports page.



Please use the following charts to record object size and colour:

UFO Sizing chart

Object Color Chart

Sighting Categories

NICAP Sighting Information Database (NSID) Category Listing

Category 01 – Distant Encounters: Daylight Discs & Nocturnal Lights

Category 02 – Close Encounters: Objects within 500 feet of the Witness

Category 03 – E-M (Electro-Magnetic) Cases

Category 04 – Animal Effects Cases

Category 05 – Psychological/Physiological Cases

Category 06 – Physical Evidence – Trace Cases

Category 07 – Entity Cases –  Humanoid Reports, CE-III Reports

Category 08 – Photographic Evidence –  Stills, Motion Pictures & Videos

Category 09 – Radar Cases

Category 10 – Radiation & Nuclear Connection Cases

Category 11 – Sightings from Aircraft



The Vallee Classification System

The Vallee Classification System (VCS) is a system developed by Dr. Jacques Vallee to classify UFO sightings. The VCS provides more detailed UFO classification than other systems, such as the Hynek Classification Systems, and is therefore used more by UFO researchers.

The classifications are as follows:

Describes the maneuvers of a UFO.

MA1– A UFO has been observed which travels in an erratic trajectory. i.e. vertical drops, maneuvers
MA2– MA1 plus any physical effects caused by the UFO.
MA3– MA1 plus any entities observed on board.
MA4– Maneuvers accompanied by a sense of reality transformation for the observer.
MA5– A maneuver that results in a permanent injury or death of the witness.

The fly-by rating, describes the flight characteristics of the UFO.

FB1– A sighting of a UFO travelling in a straight line across the sky.
FB2– FB1 accompanied by physical evidence.
FB3– A fly-by where entities are observed on board.
FB4– A fly-by where the witness experienced a transformation of reality into the object or its occupants.
FB5– A fly-by which the witness would suffer permanent injuries or even death.

Close Encounter rating, describes the level of contact between the witness and the UFO.

CE1– UFO comes within 500 feet of the witness, but no after effects are suffered by the witness or the surrounding area.
CE2– A CE1 that leaves landing traces or injuries to the witness.
CE3– Entities have been observed on the UFO.
CE4– The witness has been abducted.
CE5– CE4 which results in permanent psychological injuries or death.


CREDIT: Jacques Vallee